Travel Magic

Brief History

Gourmet Trails® is proudly brought to you by custom travel specialist RevePlanner Travel Pte Ltd, Singapore.
In 2009, RevePlanner started off providing travel consultancy to those seeking to truly experience a destination. Instead of whirlwind schedules, holiday itineraries are individually crafted to create memorable trips filled with experiences and fun. A customised trip booklet is provided each time.

Clients loved us! RevePlanner is now internationally accredited with IATA and boasts unique experiences across 5 continents. Engaging us means end-to-end travel arrangements (including restaurant reservations) will be taken care of.
Now just sit back & relax while we handle the full trip arrangements. And travel happily ever after.

Word from the Founder

Having had my fair share of travel, backpacking trips & luxury getaways, I have come to truly believe in personalised travelling: It’s Your holiday, Travel Your way!™ RevePlanner puts extra thought into optimising logistics so that sightseeing is a breeze. Itineraries are created to suit your pace and allow time for you to truly experience a place. We continuously travel for research and update food recommendations to offer you the chance to taste the latest & best local dishes in authentic settings.
Weaving into destinations we visit as “temporary locals” instead of a “tourists” naturally promotes greener travel and supports local businesses. It allows truly immersive experiences and real connection with the people we meet. Seeing the world through a different lens and coming home a little wiser. Isn’t that why we travel after all?
Gourmet Trails® evolved out of demand from our loyal clients – savvy travellers who enjoy good food as much as travelling. The world is beautiful and diversed and I believe destinations deserve more than a tick in been-here-seen-it lists. Our idea of a perfect holiday is when you stand in awe of nature, immerse in local cultures, meet new foods…

Bitten by the travelbug,
Pamela Tan
Travel Expert & Founder
Email: pam (at) gourmettrails.com