Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to travel again? Wondering if you should? We are here to help you navigate every aspect of your trip

Is Gourmet Trails® only about wine & fine dining?
Actually no! Our motto is to showcase the best experiences and tastes of the destination. Good food comes in many shapes and sizes – from rustic gems to celebrity restaurants. We also believe in meaningful and ‘deeper’ travel. Be a Traveller, not a Tourist →

Is it expensive?
Accommodation choices (midrange, boutique and luxury) can be mixed to create the perfect trip that matches your travel style. However we only work with top-tier guides/drivers because safety and experience should not be compromised.

Are meals included?
Usually included are breakfasts and special arrangements (such as tastings, cooking classes, workshops). For the rest, your Travel Kit holds recommendations for restaurants, the hottest bars, trendy chic cafes, market halls, etc. Places where even local foodies will approve!

Can I make special requests?
Sure! Feel free to contact us for special occasions and corporate events too. We have helped arrange surprise dinners, meet unique dietary restrictions, and more.

What is a Travel Kit?
All your travel arrangements is summarized in your very own personal Travel Kit app →
This includes sightseeing info, handy tips and appointment reminders! On top of that, you can also contact your Travel Designer via the app.

Travel insurance is a must
It is a condition of booking that all travellers arrange comprehensive travel insurance coverage when tour dates are confirmed (purchasing travel insurance late may limit pre-trip benefits coverage such as trip cancellations/postponement). Kindly ensure that the insurance coverage is suitable and adequate for your needs

What are the booking terms and conditions?
Although not as exciting as reading about faraway destinations, please take the time to review and understand the rest of our Terms & Conditions prior to booking a tour. IMPORTANT: Paying a tour deposit (or any other payment to us) signifies your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions →

Can I book from a different country?
Although our headquarters is in Singapore, we accept bookings from travellers around the world.
Gourmet Trails® is a brand by RevePlanner Travel Pte Ltd (business reg. 201207672D, travel agent lic. TA3458) and internationally accredited with IATA which is the trade association for international air travel

Do you provide information on the latest border updates or covid travel considerations?
Stay in touch with our quarterly newsletters: Border updates and travel inspiration to your inbox →

I have other travel questions. How can I contact you?
GT traveldesk is available on Whatsapp +65 66225380 for the swiftest response. Feel free to also drop us a message on our website or social media.